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  • Bar Height Stationary Chair Round Back

    $440.00$528.00 MSRP

    Enjoy the view in our tallest stationary round back chair. Perfect to see over those taller railings with a comfortable seat, back and footrest.

  • Patio Height Stationary Chair Round Back

    $371.00$445.00 MSRP

    Our patio stationary chairs come in a standard chair height and with a round back. Perfect for a patio area with little to no visual obstructions or railings. This chair has the same comfort as the bar and pub height stationary chairs.

  • 27″ Bar Stool

    $240.00$288.00 MSRP

    This Stationary Bar Stool is a great companion to any of our bars, but also comes in handy anytime for extra seating in your outdoor space. Also available in different heights – 24″, 27″ and 30″.

  • 20″ Round Bar Height Side Table

    $293.00$352.00 MSRP

    This 20″ Round Bar Height Side Table comes in different heights – Patio, Pub and Bar. It is a perfect companion to the stationary or swivel chairs.

  • Round Back Rocker

    $440.00$528.00 MSRP

    This Round Back Rocker is always a favorite! Enjoy the look and comfort of these rocking chairs all year round-this is a favorite for everyone!

  • Armless Pub Height Dining Chair Ladder Back

    $464.00$557.00 MSRP

    This Armless Dining Chair Ladder Back has been around a long time and now you can add this to your outdoor furniture collection! Also available in Patio, Pub and Bar Heights.

  • Traditional Adirondack Folding Chair Fan Back

    $469.00$563.00 MSRP

    Our tried and true original! This is the perfect star gazing chair to enhance your backyard living. This chair comes in a folding fan back style.

  • Pub Height Stationary Chair Round Back

    $410.00$492.00 MSRP

    Pub stationary chairs are a favorite! Our “middle” height round back chair is so easy to get in and out of and gives you those few extra inches in height so that you can see over a standard deck railing. Little to no effort to get in and out of, this chair is a crowd pleaser.

  • Shaker Back Rocker

    $498.00$598.00 MSRP

    This is the traditional Shaker Back Rocker you have seen your entire life-adorning front porches everywhere! Now available in all of our beautiful colors, this rocker is a lifetime treasure.

  • V-Bottom Table

    $195.00$234.00 MSRP

    This V-Bottom Side Table with a functional bottom shelf compliments all of the gliders and standard height chairs.

  • Teta-Tae

    $186.00$223.00 MSRP

    This Tete-A-Tete tray table sits right on top of the inner arms of our Patio, Pub and Bar Height Chairs. The twist lock pieces underneath slide under the arms to lock it into place. This handy accessory provides extra room for eating, a cup of coffee or a book, without going to the expense of a stand-alone table. You can also add an umbrella hole to this Tete-A-Tete and pop in any umbrella for those hot days!

  • Glider Ottoman

    $245.00$294.00 MSRP

    Our Glider Ottoman is the perfect companion to all of our gliders. Just sit back, prop up your legs and glide in motion.

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